• Bonnie Jean

Pause, reflect and choose gratitude...

For we live by faith, not by sight. – 2 Corinthians 5:7 (NIV)

We here at The Mustard Seed Ranch of Florida want you to know that you and your families are all in our thoughts and prayers and we pray that you all are doing what you are able to be socially aware as you protect your health.

Because of the current circumstances everyone is experiencing, our program, scheduled to begin June 2020, is postponed for the time being, but it is not going away. Without question, the events that are occurring will only increase the need for as many services as possible to be available for our youth who struggle with the effects of experiencing traumatic events in their lives. The Mustard Seed Ranch of Florida plans to assist in meeting these needs however possible.

Control over anything outside of your own self is an illusion. These unpredictable times are merely a reminder of this. We ask everyone to be vigilant in protecting yourself and others as our nation makes their way through these unpredictable times, but at the same time find ways to help others however you are able. Slow down. Enjoy your families. Take time to reflect of how blessed and fortunate we all are. Then take your focus off yourself by finding ways to reach out and help others. My prayer is that as this time passes we all become stronger and better as a person, as a family and as a nation that chooses to be more in tune to the needs of others.

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