• Bonnie Jean


At sixteen years old, in the process of finding my way through my own childhood challenges, I remember feeling this desire to find a way to help the lost and broken in this world. Still a child myself, I was not even close to understanding my own brokenness. Many years later, after the several years it took to break my own unhealthy cycles, I find myself following my childhood dream. After twenty years in law enforcement listening to the countless stories of so many lost and broken souls, I had to find a way to do more than what I was doing. This dream has turned into The Mustard Seed Ranch of Florida, a not for profit program for youth in need of extra support.

In the first few weeks of The Mustard Seed Ranch of Florida program we have listened as our participants have shared their earliest childhood memories. Memories of being locked in a closet with no food for unknown amounts of time or being thrown threw a window or the pain of being whipped with a bull whip or watching as their mother was beaten by a boyfriend. And hearing how they believed their parents not being a part of their lives was some how their own fault. As every story has been told and every feeling has been shared it has only confirmed the importance of what we are doing.

No one chooses where they come from, but everyone should be given the opportunity to choose where their future is going. Our desire is to help as many children as possible know they are a masterpiece, created on purpose for a purpose.

For my birthday on 2/22, an anonymous donor gave THE MUSTARD SEED RANCH OF FLORIDA a $10k MATCHING GIFT CHALLENGE. Which means that this donor will be matching every donation made to The Mustard Seed Ranch of Florida program through 2/28/2021, up to $10,000. SO THERE IS ONLY ONE MORE DAY LEFT. Please do not let this opportunity go to waste. FOR ONE MORE DAY every donation has DOUBLE THE IMPACT. So far we have been blessed with reaching our $2,000 mark; only 8 more to go. We are incredibly grateful for every donations so far, but we don’t want to miss out on the potential of this DOUBLE WHAMMY. PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD.

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